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Located in the beautiful city of Burnaby on 6285 Nelson Avenue, you will find Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant. Our restaurant is dedicated to offering our guests with an exceptional dining experience with our delightful Korean-fusion meals and friendly, prompt service. Join us for your next dining occasion or order for lunch or dinner!

Are you unsure what to order? Start your meal off right with our extra tasty Fried Dumplings packed with chives and pork, or the Korean-style Seafood Pancake that is made with assorted seafood, tofu, and green onions. For your main course, choose from an assortment of appetizing stews and soups, barbeque dishes, Korean-style noodles, and rice dishes. If you are craving the classics, order the Bulgogi Fried Japchae, or the Gahl Bee which is beef short ribs marinated in a house special barbeque sauce, served with rice. If that doesn’t entice you, try our extra tasty Hot Pot Bibimbap with Bulgogi.

Are you ready to order amazing Korean food from Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant? Click on our online menu to view all our amazing offers and place your order for pickup or delivery! Don’t wait, order today!


Sunday – Tuesday: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Friday – Saturday: 4:00 PM – 1:00 AM

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6285 Nelson Ave

(604) 437-8839

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“Everything is delicious!"

Friends and I did not know where to go and stumbled on this small restaurant while driving around. Atmosphere is very cozy and almost like an Asian bar/pub, yet very quiet with candles tucked here and there. Nowhere near a “hongkong style cafe” like of the other reviewers said.

The host/waitress was very quick on her feet and very polite, immediately seating and greeting us. We ordered the spicy rice cakes, Korean short ribs, a bibimbap, fried dumplings, and a seafood pancake. Everything was delicious, with my only complaint being the pancake was a tiny bit under cooked. My favorite was the spicy rice cake… OOOOHHHMYYY that was the best I’ve had in a while, spicy, sweet, and has a very nice saltiness to it. Oh and the waitress was SUPER attentive and always gave us refills on the side dishes.